Social Network for Patients Hospitalized

It allows hospitalized patients to come in contact with other patients, to make new friends, exchanging around their passions and affinities, and then reduce their isolation.

Hôpital Foch
Gustave Roussy
Hôpital Saint-Antoine
A Digital Tool
A Social Network
A Communication Channel
A Service Platform

Easy to implement

For the hospital

My Hospi Friends allow the facility to expand its existing offer of entertainment with an easy to implement both technically and in terms of patient communication.

For the patient

My Friends Hospi is compatible with all digital tools available to make it accessible to the greatest number.

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The FoundersYou can find here the founders team of My Hospi Friends.

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Journée de lancement de Foch & Co.

L'équipe de My Hospi Friends lançait le 12 juin 2017...

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Lancement de Foch & Co.

L’Hôpital Foch de Suresnes s’est associé à l’équipe de My...

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(30.5.2017) Le Trendy

Le Trendy présente My Hospi Friends sur ce nouveau blog.

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THEY TESTIFY!Patients and hospitals recognize the value of My Hospi Friends

Témoignages 1

Congratulations and a big thank you for this new communication channel.

Sylbur78 - Hôpital Foch
Témoignages 2

Thank you to your team for this achievement for patients !

Isa78 - HUEP

They Argue Us!..

Social network that makes sense for us patients, and for once not speaking about diseases !

CriCri - Gustave Roussy
Témoignages 4

This network is ideal because it puts the patient at the heart of our strategy.

V. Moulins - Hôpital Foch
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