My Hospi Friends brings entertainment to hospital

Divertir - My Hospi Friends

My Hospi Friends allows hospital to entertain patients, either by sharing around their interests, or e-mail and the animation managed by our teams.

  • Offer of online games (Sudoku , card games , interactive games, etc.)
  • Animation and regular updating of content pages "passions / interests "
  • Events created by the hospital
  • A scalable platform for your needs


Find a new channel of communication

Hôpital - My Hospi Friends

We provide you with a dedicated page, an establishment's platform and an anonymous record of the patient base.

  • Boost and upgrade the external reputation of your hospital
  • Communicate live with your patients on the news of the establishment
  • Enrich your communication actions by creating events to entertain your patients
  • Improve the working comfort of your caregiver


My Friends Hospi transforms the stay of your patients

My Hospi Friends

With My Hospi Friends you can improve the wellness of patients in an innovative way!

A pioneer in the hospital sector, this network allows the interactions between patients and helps to break, playfully, intrinsic loneliness hospitalization.

  • A platform accessible to as many: intuitive ergonomics compatible with all the digital tools of the moment
  • A unique service that speaks about no pathology in a medical environment
  • Interactivity and dynamism through the distribution of themes and news content


Data security

Sécurité - My Hospi Friends

My Hospi Friends has the desire to preserve the safety of patients and data exchanged. It is a platform where profiles are anonymous and no sharing of personal data and health !

The platform, hosted on our servers, meets the most demanding safety standards through SSL encryption .

Moderation is managed by our teams.